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Jean Paul Giudicelli Costa Rica

CEO at Casapan in the Food Business

Jean Paul Giudicelli Costa Rica

Born in San José, Costa Rica, on October 17, 1962, Jean Paul Giudicelli's life journey has been remarkable achievements and diverse experiences. His current role as the CEO of Casapan, a renowned bakery business in Honduras, showcases his leadership prowess and entrepreneurial spirit. His expansive background, encompassing television, sports, coffee shop entrepreneurship, and his current role in the food industry, is a testament to his adaptability and unwavering ambition. Beyond his professional accomplishments, he is equally known for his steadfast dedication to charitable causes, his affinity for reading, and his deep-seated passion for seeking knowledge and inner peace.


Stepping into the position of CEO at Casapan upon his return to Honduras in 2018, his leadership has been transformative. The infusion of fresh ideas has marked his tenure, the integration of cutting-edge technologies, and a visionary approach to propelling local and international expansion.


Embarking on his career in broadcasting, his journey began at Corporacion Televicentro in Honduras, where he established his presence as a sportscaster. His involvement in popular programs like "5 Deportivo" and "Micro Deportivas" displayed his charismatic presence and deep insights into sports. After refining his skills in T.V. production in Venezuela, he returned to Honduras, lending his expertise to Vica Television and Antenna Producciones. His resonant voice could also be heard on the radio waves through his engaging sports show on Suprema FM.


The early 2000s saw him venture into the vibrant world of the coffee business. In 2001, Giudicelli inaugurated his first two cafeterias, aptly named "Cafetto's." With unwavering determination, he expanded his coffee empire to encompass seven strategically situated shops in Costa Rica's bustling shopping centers by 2005.


His foundation in education was laid at Methodist High School, where he excelled in sports, with volleyball being a prominent arena of achievement. His leadership skills were evident through his role as the Vice President of the student government. Subsequently, his academic journey led him to Venezuela, where he pursued studies in T.V. production, adding depth to his skillset.


His philanthropic inclination is evident through his substantial contributions to various charitable endeavors. He has supported initiatives such as the Red Cross and flood relief efforts in the U.S. and has supported the Catholic Church's missions. His philanthropic footprint spans across diverse causes and continents.


Areas of Expertise

  • Customer Service: A cornerstone of his coffee and bakery businesses, his commitment to impeccable customer service is unwavering.
  • Quality Control: Ensuring excellence in every product linked to his name, he maintains rigorous quality standards.
  • Sports: Rooted in his broadcasting origins and personal athletic accomplishments, his insights into sports are unparalleled.
  • Bitcoin Enthusiast: Displaying a keen interest in emerging financial technologies like Bitcoin.
  • NLP Coaching: Holding certifications as a Practitioner and Master in Neuro-linguistic Programming, he showcases his commitment to holistic personal development.

He finds solace in the pages of books and embraces the serenity of the beach. An unceasing quest for knowledge and inner tranquility drives his love for reading. The synergy between his reading pursuits and the tranquil beach environment fosters self-assurance and peace.

Jean Paul Giudicelli Costa Rica's journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence. He embodies versatility when transitioning seamlessly from his broadcasting roots to establishing thriving coffee shops and now as a visionary CEO within the food industry. His passion for quality, continual learning, and impeccable service have made him a remarkable figure in his industry. Beyond his professional endeavors, his devotion to philanthropy and personal interests underscores his holistic approach to growth and success. As the CEO of Casapan S. de R.L. de C.V. in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, his influence reverberates, inspiring countless individuals along the way.